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Comic books

Friday, August 11th, 2006

I finally had some time to read some new comic books! I read Grey Horses, Bumperboy loses His Marbles, The One I Love, Tarot Cafe, Salamander Dream, and the first volume of The Walking Dead. I loved Grey Horses and Salamander Dream. They were so sweet and refreshing, plus the author, Hope Larson, went to school at Rochester Institute of Technology! Her illustrations are quirky and flowy, which is very different from the manga or the super hero art. I must say that I’m glad people are expanding the subject matter of comic books. It makes it a lot more accessible to a wider variety of people. Good examples are Fashion Kitty and Baby Mouse. Pink illustrations, need I say more?

On the other hand, I’m reading the Walking Dead. Talk about your gore fest! I mean I understand that its zombies, but this is way violent, which helped in the decision to put older teen stickers on them. This is not to say that they aren’t good. They are really good. The author decided to go the more philosophical zombie route, a la George A. Romero. I think this was an excellent decision because its kept my attention a lot longer than a plain old slasher type zombie comic would.

I will keep you posted on how wonderful the Walking Dead series is, however I think I may continue to like it, if the first one and a half books are any proof.

NYS Fair

Friday, August 11th, 2006

My family is too simple. We are all getting really excited about going to the state fair in Syracuse, well except Jeff, since he doesn’t do fairs. My mom is super excited and my dad can’t wait to show Jack the pigs and goats. My sister Jenny hasn’t shown too much enthusiasm yet, but I think that its partly because it pales in comparison to Disney World, which is where we are all going to in January. I guess I can understand. i agree, although I think its fun to
experience new things with Jack. I think that if it was just my sister, my parents and I, that it would be okay, but by adding Jack, just makes it more special. I can’t wait to show him all the sculptures made out of cheese. Weee!