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laid up

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Okay, so Jeff will yell at me for posting about this, and Sam will be mad at me for not calling her, and maybe this post will suddenly disappear out of embarrassed, but I need to get it out.

Friday after work, I went to pick up Jack at my mom’s house. I went to use the bathroom, and there was blood. I called the doctor (and the doctor said) no more jumping on the bed, or lifting anything or cleaning the house (yeh, like that’ll happen) or moving around too much. He didn’t really go into any details, just said if it gets worse, call the doctor on Monday, and then he hung up. (Without even saying good-bye)

I have continued to bleed since then. I’ve talked to a couple people about it, and they each knew someone who’s bled throughout their pregnancy, including my mom (Sam, you trouble maker). This doesn’t really make me feel much better, even though I know it should. I’m usually highly emotional anyway, so this just aggravates the emotional side of me. I know, logically, that I shouldn’t worry too much and that I should take it easy, but I can’t help it! Plus I keep thinking, was it the DDR? I know I’ve had coffee, not every day, but… Am I not drinking enough water? Was I getting too worked up about summer reading going well? Am I carrying my 38 pound two year old around too much? Could it be the Lamicital (for my seizures), which they say is okay, but do they really know?

So now I have to just hang around, not doing much. I missed the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which would have been hot and a lot of walking. Plus I’m worried now that the doctor won’t let me go to California. Of course, what’s more important, the health of your child or a couple hundred bucks. I’m actually already out about $450 because I was supposed to go on a cruise for the first time IN JANUARY which is when I’m due. 🙁

Well at least I’m mostly healthy. Jack and Jeff are healthy. Hopefully my little (girl) is still healthy too.