life will be changing soon for us, yet again

Monday, April 13th, 2009

FHEW! I thought this message had been deleted. Luckily it was not so.

In a little less than a month life will be changing drastically, and hopefully for the better for all of us. Its so amazing all these things that you plan on doing, all the things you plan on accomplishing and then suddenly months have gone by and you wonder where they went… well I guess I know where they went. They went into a new job, helping plan a state-wide conference, being pregnant, getting stuck in the Facebook monstrosity and having a four-year-old that, for some reason, wants to spend time with and do things with mommy. Jeepers.

The whole pregnancy has been going really well. Even less trouble than I had with Jack. No swelling, no low fluid levels, she’s very active, healthy heart (we had a special heart ultrasound done due to family issues) and the twenty week ultrasound didn’t show anything that we should be scared of… Its been a pretty awesome pregnancy. I’ve been tired, having to pee a lot and wake up a lot at night, but that’s to be expected. Its fascinating watching her move around in there, and while that’s one of the more annoying things this pregnancy, I’m also going to miss it. Its so amazing to think that there’s this living thing growing inside me and moving around to get comfortable… without any luck I’m guessing because she moves ALL THE TIME.

Its been so hard though because while on the one hand, this pregnancy has been going really well, on the other hand, after two miscarriages I just want to be done and holding a healthy baby girl. I can’t bear to have something be wrong. I can’t imagine how women do it. Miscarriage after miscarriage. Seeing other women who are pregnant or have little healthy babies. Its so agonizing.

I’ve been lucky though. In my new job the women are so wonderful and they always seem to have an eye on me, making sure that I’m okay. That really means the world to me, because I was so afraid to leave my previous job for exactly that reason. I worked in a job that was so much more. It was also a family where they looked out for each other. Luckily, I have that here too.

Unfortunately, I have to work up until the contractions. I only have 24 days of vacation I can use, so I need to make them all count. Its a pain, but its so worth it. I want to be able to spend as much time as I can with her the first few weeks. They change and grow so much that all the beautiful little baby stuff disappears quickly… not that I don’t love the four year old boy stuff too.

That’s going to be another big thing to get used to too. Jack is getting so independent. He’s quite articulate, he’s potty trained, he sleeps through the night, he can play by himself. She’s going to be so dependent on us. Its going to be like starting from scratch.

Uh oh. So much for Jack sleeping through the night. He just woke up. Time to go and cuddle my little guy.

yup yup yup

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I’ve lost track of how long its been. Again. This summer has just gone by so quickly.  I’ve been so busy and by the time I get to post on the blog I’m EXHAUSTED! … well and I need time for Facebook. 🙂

I was reading my sister’s blog (she is very melancholy right now, but Jenny and I are going to NC to cheer her up!) and she’s started posting “sensations“. I thought that was the neatest idea. I’d hate to steal it from her, but I may have to. Stuff like “rubbing feet on the carpet and touching a door handle”. I already have my first one prepared.

One thing that has recently taken up my time is crocheting. After watch the Last Unicorn for about the millionth time I remembered that I wanted to make a shawlly type thing like the one Molly Grue wears throughout the movie.

Its sort of hard to tell in this picture, but I couldn’t find many good ones online. Yes, I’m a freak, but I must stay true to myself… yes Jeff is probably ready to divorce me if I watch the movie one more time, but who needs him? 🙂 Just kidding. 😛

So onto the sad stuff… although the Last Unicorn might have been sad for Jeff… my boss’s last day is Friday. I really am bummed. She’s been a great boss. She’s easy to talk to, fun to be around, and she tells it like it is. If you’re being a dork, she’ll let you know. I actually had a nightmare a couple of nights ago. She was in a meeting with a patron that we fondly call “arts and crafts a-hole”. According to him arts and crafts programs in the library are a waste of taxpayers money. Anyway, they were in a meeting and she asked me to get some of our program fliers so that he could see that we actually have very few arts and crafts programs (this winter we’re going to have quite a few, but who cares about him). I left the room to get the stuff and as I was hunting around, I start hearing screaming and cursing. Then there’s a big explosion. I go out to check, although obviously everything’s not okay, and the room is gone, the boss lady and the mean patron with it. Of course that solves his problem. With no meeting room, we can’t have any arts and crafts programs.

Oh, I will miss her. She’s going on to bigger and better things. I hope. At least I’ll still be able to email her and check up on her.

Anyway. We’ve done some pretty neat stuff this summer. Sterling Renaissance Festival. Pageant of Steam. Corning Museum of Glass. Seabreeze. Of course, as many of you have the same issues, a public librarian can’t wander far from home during the summer. Especially youth services librarians. Otherwise their bosses kill them, and we can’t have that, can we? There was a hail storm while we were at the Renaissance Festival. We got some good pictures of that. I’ll have to try and post them soon.

Oh well. Tomorrow is Monday. Back to work. Luckily, in a couple weeks I get to visit one of my favorite sisters in North Carolina! Jenny and I are going to visit Sam over Labor Day. Unfortunately, that means that I have to be away from my smoochie-pooh on his birthday. Poor dear.

I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll say a fond farewell. However, I’ll post a sensation before going to bed. Good night ya’ll. Sleep tight!