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New blog idea…

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

So you know me. Big ideas that end up in what Jack calls, “butt burps”. As I was looking at Leila a couple of days ago, I realized that she’s already changing. Soon her little baby fur will disappear. Her squishy, or as one of my librarian friends says “Mr. Magoo face” face will disappear. Then I took a look at Jack and realized, he’s HUGE! How did the time fly by? I also realized that I have a perfectly good SLR that I don’t use, and why not try and put it to use?
Therefor my blog will be generally a photo blog now. I may occasionally post interesting tidbits, but mostly it’ll be photos of my adorable kids. It’ll only take a couple minutes a day and then when my kids are all growed up, they can’t say that I didn’t do anything for them when they were little.
I hope that I can keep this up… I think it’ll be fun and I think that when my kids are older, they might appreciate it.
Wish me luck!