About Me

I’m a youth services librarian in Rochester, New York, western New York to those that don’t know. Some people say that we’re practically Canadians, but we still need a passport to get to Canada just like everyone else.

I love working with kids and teens, but I think I’d have to choose teens over kids (if forced to) because I love reading comic books and playing DDR.

I’m also a mommy. This is the most fun in the world, but also the most struggle, because kids are like too much chocolate. Good at first, but then they make you throw up.

I also pretend that I’m good at crocheting, writing poetry (and short stories) and making jewelry. I love them all, but I’m not all that good.

One thing I’m actually good at is being a good shoulder to cry on. I try not to judge and I’ll just listen to whatever you have to say. Also I’ve been told that my shoulders are rather nice for resting on.