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Get that blog naked! Skins stink

Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

Hi! It’s been a long time. I was upset at my blog. The skin wasn’t working the way I wanted to, and everytime I would look at it, I would get more and more discouraged. Plus the chatter box (or whatever) was acting up and then the Weather Pixie stopped working! Then I wouldn’t want anything to do with the thing, so I stopped posting for a while. I revamped the blog and took out all the superfluious elements of the blog. I was a little upset getting rid of the stuff, but I didn’t really need it… and anyway, I’m back now!

Story times are better. I’m more “stern” with some of the kids, but then I don’t try to let it bother me if they misbehave. I also encourage the parents to stay with their children sometimes if they get too excited. That works sometimes.

During April recess I’m going to have a Kids Disco! Everyone gets to dress up in 70’s clothes (including me) and we’re going to dance like its 1974! I’m also going to start a Chess Group during the week off, and see if the high schoolers want to keep doing it. I think it would be a lot of fun. I hope I can encourage them to see how much fun it’s going to be.

I just joined a list on Topica called Next Generation Librarian (or something like that). I hope it will help me to connect to other librarians my age.

Well I guess I won’t go on too much. There really isn’t too much to say anyway (that’s pretty pathetic, considering I haven’t written in over a month!) I do think I should say… YEAH I’M A NEW AUNT AGAIN!!! Her name is Rachel Paige, and she is 7lb, 4oz. She’s very cute and red and I already love her to death. I guess I can wait and enjoy life as a free woman a little longer, especially if I’m going to get cute nieces like the two I now have!