We managed to keep Leila alive four months!

September 9th, 2009 by cathy

Yesterday Leila turned four months.

At this point, she’s:

  1. smiling, giggling, squealing and looking adorable in general.
  2. rolling around on the floor and holding herself up on her arms.
  3. attempting to eat rice cereal. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t get into her mouth fast enough.
  4. “talking” in her adorable baby speak
  5. sleeping in her crib. This is a big one. She was finally too big to stay in her bassinet, so last night we moved her into her room. Our bedroom is ours again! … well except for the diapers, picture books, onesies, coloring books and crayons and dollies.

I’m sure that Jeff will have some other things that I’ve forgotten. He’s pretty good at telling me things that I’ve forgotten to say or do. 😛

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  1. Jeff Says:

    She is also able to support her own weight on her legs when we hold her up!

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