Weeding Hell!

July 11th, 2005 by cathy

I spent most of the day weeding the childrens non-fiction. MY GAWD! It was horrendous. I found books from the 1930s and 1940s. The books felt icky to the touch, they had terrible pictures and covers, and some were just falling apart. I decided that I would run through the collection quickly and go by condition and looks alone, but this is turning into a bigger pain than I thought it would be. I have a whole cart of books to delete, and I’ve only been through a tiny section. I kept thinking these poor kids. I wouldn’t want to check one of these books out if I was a kid. As a parent, I’d be afraid of diseases or other terrible things.
By the time I left work, my eyes felt dry, my teeth were gritty and my hands had a gray film on them. YUCK! These poor kids. They deserve better. My opinion is smaller collection of nice stuff rather than a library full of junk. We do have some really great books, but you can’t really see them for all the terrible ones surrounding them.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll find lost texts from the bible! Wish me luck!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You poor soul.The dry eyes may be allergies,but the rest–the rest–I don’t mean to remind you.I just hope you use gloves.Never know when you’ll come across that crazy squashed bug who tried to eat whatever it is some tiny patron was eating and depositing on your books.By God girrrrl,haven’t you earned every purse?And I think there is a bit of the OC in all librarians.So don’t you worry!Adrienne’s mom

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