I know I know…

November 9th, 2005 by cathy

People have emailed me, letting me know that they actually read my blog! This seems unbelievable, but I’m quite honored. Unfortunately, I have this issue… its called a very active seven month old. You may have heard of these things (people I think some people call them), but its all new to me. I get home from the library, and change a diaper, heat up some yummy *stinky* (cough-cough) peas, feed them to the imp (that is his nickname, since both Jeff and I think he practices looking impish) clean him up, feed ourselves, clean the diaper again, play with him, give him a bottle, change him into pajamas, and put him to bed. By this time I’m ready to pass out and its only 9:30 pm. I also try and fit in some Dance Dance Revolution, so I can be all fit and sexy, so when Jack gets older he has a MILF. Okay, I guess that last part is a little creepy, but I would like to be in shape so that I can keep up with him when he starts walking. So anyway, I hardly get any time at all to myself, but I guess that’s okay because I love Jack to pieces and would do anything at all for him. I don’ t want to be put in this kind of situation, but I understand when moms kill for their children. Not that I agree with killing or anything, I’m just saying that I understand.

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