A few last things…

November 10th, 2005 by cathy

(1) I had to kick teens out of the library for being way too rowdy. I hated doing this, because it made me feel like that cranky old librarian, shushing people and running anyone who couldn’t be absolutely quiet out of this library. This is not the type of person that I am, but they were driving everyone crazy. It made me feel weird, but it had to be done.

(2) There were two small children who insisted on yelling at each other and jumping on the new bean bags we got about a week ago. The mother did NOTHING AT ALL about it, SHHUSHing ocassionally, but never leaving her spot at the computer. After asking them not to bounce on the bean bag chairs one last time (of about literally 10 times), I noticed that they had mananged to bounce some of the bag beads right out of the bean bags. I was so mad that I had to leave, and luckily it was time for me to go anyway.

(3) I have decided that because of this, I am going to ask Sally (the director) if we can put some “rules” up. I think I want them to go something like this…


(1)Each Other
No yelling, screaming or fighting in the library
(2) the Library
Throw away your garbage, don’t jump or put your feet on the furniture
or in anyway purposely try to damage the furniture.
(3) Yourself
Don’t act in a way that you know is inappropriate,
you are only disrespecting yourself by doing these things.
(4) Library Staff
Treat us as you would want to be treated, we are only here to help.
Thank you!

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