Disney… again

December 4th, 2005 by cathy

I forgot to say that in January (7 – 15) we are going to be in Florida’s Disneyland! My parents and sisters and Jack and Jeff and I are all going. Its the first time we’ve all gone on a big family vacation together. Unfortunately we can’t take the cats, so hopefully Jeff’s parents will take care of them. I can’t even begin to imagine bringing a baby and two cats on a plane ride with me. Thank god the cats have to stay in a little kennel!
It should be extremely interesting to see how Jack puts up with everything. He’s very calm and curious, but I don’t know how he’ll handle being caged up in a stroller all day.
We are going right from the plane to Disney and we won’t be leaving Disney until we have to get back on the plane.

Oh and I bought some earrings at Hot Topic about a week ago and they are already breaking…. There’s actually a story benhind all this so I will elaborate on… I’M PISSED OFF later!

Nighty Night.

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