terrible mommy

May 22nd, 2006 by cathy

I feel like a horrible mother. I don’t keep track of each time a tooth breaks through, when he starts eating a new food, when he sat up by himself or when he first laughed. I haven’t had any professional pictures taken (and he’s almost 14 months) or taken a lot of videos. I love him so much, but when he gets older, I’m sure he’ll ask why I didn’t keep track of all that information… well, on the otherhand, maybe he won’t, he is a guy after all.

Every day is a new day that is just so much fun now that he’s around. I think I look forward to getting up a lot more. I look in his face and I feel so good, like everything is at peace with the world. What a wonderful feeling.

Still. I can’t even remember if we took pictures at his first birthday, or the first time he unwrapped a present or ate a piece of chocolate cake… hmm, I’m pretty sure Jeff wouldn’t allow that. Jeff’s a little bit of a neat freak when it comes to Jack. The rest of the house could go to pot… which it does somewhat. Not totally. I’m not a complete mess, but anyone who has seen Jeff and I, knows that we aren’t Mr. and Mrs. SQUEEKY Clean. We probably are more likely to resemble… Sorta Clean Gene. Okay so I have no idea what I’m going on about, but we are not the cleanest people in the world.

One trouble with not being neurotically clean is that we have a vomitty cat who vomits in places that we can’t see. Now we have little bugs everywhere. I think that I may kill my cat… okay I probably won’t kill my cat, but I’d like to. We have her on drugs, food that costs more that the food I eat, and she drinks water out of a little fountain. And yet, still she vomits. And I want to kill her.

Ah well. What can we do.

BTW, I really wish that I had more times to read books. What good is a librarian that has no time to read books?


I couldn’t remember the lyrics to the Looney Tunes cartoon with the frog that was found in a box. I thought that the lyrics were something like good night or good bye, so that they would be appropriate now, but then I found out that the lyrics are HELLO. Damn. Well, I used them anyway.

Hello! (GOOD NIGHT) ma baby, Hello! (GOOD NIGHT) Ma honey, Hello! (GOOD NIGHT) ma ragtime gal.


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