Baby update

July 10th, 2006 by cathy

Jeff informed me that bananas is spelled B-AN-AN-AS (in the words of Gwen Stephani) not banannas. Doh!… and double DOH now I have the song stuck in my head!

I have now changed them to the proper spelling.

This is shameful. Jack will get older and ask me (hmm, he is a boy, maybe he won’t) “Mommy where is my baby book?” I’ll look in those deep blue eyes and say “What baby book?”

My mother-in-law recently gave us Jeff’s baby book. OH MY GAWD! She really is an amazing woman. She kept track of EVERYTHING. Every new food, every step, every new word. I think she even kept track of his BMs (as my grandmother would say) when he started on a new food.

Umm. I’m really sorry Jack, but I haven’t done that. I do recognize how very adorable and fun to be with you are, so here are some fun facts about you.

1) I know that you are going to be a great kid because you are so easy going and quick with a giggle.

2) You have the most adorable laugh and hearing one of us laugh usually gets you laughing.

3) You love the water and splashing in the bathtub, and would spend the whole day in there if you didn’t wrinkle up like a prune.

4) You love making a mess of your food and rubbing it in your face and hair. Personally, I think that its so you get another bath.

5) People have told me that you should be a baby model. I agree, but I could never do that to you.

6) One of the ladies at church told me that when you were in the nursery, you very clearly said banana. Of course now you won’t do it when I ask.

7) Aunt Jenny thinks that you have said her name a couple of times… I’ll let her continue to think that.

8) Your favorite toys aren’t really “toys”. You absolutely love flipping the pages of your board books.

9) Your favorite foods are (in order of importance)

a) bananas – probably makes sense that your first word would be this.
b) graham crackers – grandma has them in a special container and you scream whenever she goes near it.
c) yogurt (key lime flavor) – you literally suck down yogurt
d) pretzel sticks – you scream bloody murder when you see the bag, and on several occasions, you have eaten them double fisted. Daddy doesn’t like when you eat them because you liquify the pretzel and half of it ends up all over the place.
e) cookies – everyone likes cookies, and you are one of those everyones (hmm…)

10) You like giving hugs and on several occasions tried to give me an open mouth kiss on the nose. Adorable and icky at the same time.

11) You make sweet little chirpy noises when you talk… they probably aren’t really “chirpy”, but I don’t know how else to describe them.

12) You put your hand up to your mouth move it back and forth repeatedly so that you can make noises.

13) You go right to sleep when I put you to bed.

14) Whenever you hear music, you feel compelled to dance.

15) You love being spun around in circles when someone is holding you tight. If you aren’t being held tight enough, you hold on to the swinger.

16) You love slides, but hate swings.

17) You love going out so that you can people watch or flirt with the ladies.

18) You know how to use a straw.

19) You like lunging yourself on the cat so you can use her as a pillow.

20) You can walk. YOU CAN WALK! You took your first steps yesterday, and now you’re walking like a real person! It really is amazing to think how fast you’ve grown. Sone you’ll be married with children of your own.

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  1. Adrienne Says:

    Totally sweet! 🙂