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August 3rd, 2006 by cathy

My ten year anniversary with Jeff! We started dating the summer of my senior year in high school. Plus its our four year wedding anniversary. The reason I remember our wedding year is because we had little favors that said:

Cathy and Jeff
say I do
August 3, 2002

Cheesy but cute.

Unfortunately, I have to work tonight, so we can’t do anything together. 🙁 Funnily enough… or I guess its weirdly enough, we “actually” got married some time in March, because I didn’t want to be off health insurance and my parents couldn’t keep me on theirs anymore. Very romantic, isn’t it? Jeff and I pretend that the March date doesn’t exsist, but sometimes I think about it.

The “wedding” in March was sweet. My parents, his parents, Jeff and I went to our pastor’s house. She had just been meditating a few minutes earlier and when we got there, there was a horrible burning smell in the house. Her cat had flicked  her tail into the candle. Burnt cat fur is REALLY stinky.

Our pastor was very sweet and the whole thing was very nice and cozy… sometimes I think that I liked this wedding better than the big one. Our real wedding wasn’t full of pomp and circumstance or anything, but there were about 100 people, it was busy and crazy, and everything went by in a flurry. Plus those big wedding dresses are hot in the summer!

The Presbryterian service was nice and simple. The choir (which we are members of) sang a beautiful song in the middle. The bridesmaids and I all had sunflowers which were a lovely shade of yellow. At the end, instead of a limo, Jeff tried to fit me into his Lotus Elan, which is quite a small car. It’s not the smallest car in the world, but when you are trying to get all your crinoline into a car that size… well its amuzing for everyone except the person with the crinoline.

We had the reception in Jeff’s parents’ backyard, which was so beautiful. More than I ever had the eye to see. We ate Dinosaur Barbeque… which EVERYONE loved! Much yummier than those pretencious salads with dandelion or boring as macaroni salad, chicken, ziti and sauce buffet. Plus my godmother made the cake and my mother-in-law and the rest of the family made cookies that people could take home.

It was a lot of fun!… and I must say today will probably be very disappointing in comparison.

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