August 17th, 2006 by cathy

I’ve always liked these Bancroft girls. They are so completely different. Really, you meet them and you really can’t believe that they are sisters, but they are and they are both really wonderful. I’m always sad when everyday life takes over and we can’t spend much time together.

I finally found a way to trap Clorinda into my snares. I showed her the felted bag that I made (yes I still need to post pictures) and she really wants to make one. Then she started seeing other things that are felted and she especially would like to try making felted beads. I’ve always wanted an excuse to make them, and now I have a double reason to make them, because I love any excuse to hang out with people like Clorinda. She is intelligent and quiet, yet she doesn’t mind talking about silly things too, like Walter the Farting Dog.

Yea felted beads!

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