They like me, they really like me!

August 4th, 2005 by cathy

I just googled myself to see if anyone linked to me, and so far two couragous people have done it:

Rabid Librarian & Loopy Librarian

The Loopy Librarian might not even be so loopy because she mentions me, and she likes me! Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, I found out that she/he wrote this over a year and a half ago, and they don’t really care for children’s/young adult public librarian work. Oh well, we can’t be perfect 🙁

But here it is anyway. If you can’t be bothered to click a link…

Must garden in the blog because I haven’t pu the link to Cathy the Librarian up on the roll yet. This is a crime because she’s a refreshing read about a secor I never want to go near and she digs some cool music. I notice the change of template too, another template messer. Cool.

2 Responses to “They like me, they really like me!”

  1. nat Says:

    For the record, I linked to you. Actually, I linked to you a while back, then removed it when I saw you no longer posted, and re-linked when you started posting again.

    Or something like that.

  2. Adrienne Says:

    I tried checking google for links to my site, but none came up. How depressing is that? It’s weird, too, b/c I know you’ve linked to me and so have a few other people, but none of them showed up.

    And, of course, I’ve linked to your site a few times. I think Google just doesn’t like me. I note that when I google myself, some other “Adrienne Furness” comes up as the first hit.

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