I did it.

November 12th, 2006 by cathy

I asked them for money. It was scary, but I hit the send button. Deep in my heart I know its worth it. Driving forever to get there, trying to get there early, making sure I have enough copies of book lists and websites, getting enough books to look at, actually speaking for an HOUR (jeez), hanging out after to answer questions, driving an hour or more back (because it’ll be January in Geneva) and making sure that I get to work before I’m late. I think its worth getting paid for. I’m actually getting excited about speaking to a crowd about comic books again. I love those darned things! I just wish I had more time to read them, or maybe just more eyeballs.

Oh goodness. I can never get enough done on my blogs and yet I think my face is sometimes suction cupped to my computer screen. It really is a delightful image. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me much time to practice my uke. Or play with Jack, or crochet, or read, or go to the bathroom, or clean the house. Eek. Time for bed. Say good night Cathy!

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