Is it terrible when…

August 8th, 2005 by cathy

Is it terrible when you have a summer reading program for teenagers and the only books that they can come up with to read is Mary Kate and Ashley books Calvin and Hobbs books and Saddle Club books? I’d like to throttle these guys, but then it occurs to me that at least they’re coming into the library and handing in a review.
Also, I called all the teens that participated and told them that they had a prize they had won and could pick up any time. Do you think that they would be happy, excited or grateful? If you said yes, you were sadly mistaken. They spoke to me the same way you would speak to a dentist after being told that you were going to be having some teeth pulled. I guess all I can do is keep trying.
Our library competed against three other library’s teens to see who could read the most. Parma read about 500 hours and two of the other libraries read almost 2000 hours each. I haven’t heard from the last library, but I’m thinking that she’s just as embarrassed as I am (because the two of us are much smaller communities than the other libraries) and doesn’t want to let us know what her total is.

Okay, I decided to look this up: (according to 2000 census)

Ogden population: 18,492
Parma population: 14,822
Hamlin population: 9,355
Brockport population: 8,103

Well, I guess that didn’t help me at all. Ogden won this year, but Brockport won last year. Oh well, I’ve only been working with the teens at my library for two years, and they’ve had a lot more time as well as, established TABs. All I have is occasionally five or six teens show up and want something to do.

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