Just because it seems like its a requirement of new years…

January 15th, 2007 by cathy

My long overdue resolutions:

  1. get more organized at home & work
  2. write more often in all my blogs
  3. play ddr more often
  4. get pregnant
  5. call friends more often
  6. learn how to play my ukulele
  7. complain less
  8. spend less money on frivolous things
  9. talk to library patrons more often to get an idea of programs they want
  10. clean my house and actually throw stuff away

7 Responses to “Just because it seems like its a requirement of new years…”

  1. samantha Says:

    my resolutions:

    1) lose 20-30 more pounds
    2) stop saying the word “like” improperly
    3) spend less money and save more
    4) floss
    5) focus better on my studies
    6) pass the qualifier
    7) volunteer
    8) give blood more regularly
    9) plan my future (or life in general)
    10) talk to my family via phone or email/i.m. more often
    11) stop being so pessimistic/depressing (i don’t think this is possible to change but i’ll add it here just the same)
    12) stop being so obsessive over things that clearly won’t happen or that i can’t change (that have already happened) (again like #11 this has not much hope of being accomplished)
    13) eat even more healthier/ actual daily exercise
    14) simplify by reducing my accumulation of material wealth
    15) ….?

  2. jenny Says:

    my resolutions:

    1)to get through this semester
    2)to make a new real friend and keep her as a friend

  3. cathy Says:

    Sam says “as apposed to an imaginary new friend?”

  4. robin Says:

    1)don’t worry about being organized, instead embrace disorganization as a sign of being so happy you don’t have time to be organized.
    2)spend more money on frivilous things that make me smile and think happy thoughts.
    3)hire somebody to clean my house and get plastic containers to store all the things that i love so much i can’t possibly throw them away.
    4)tell people that i prefer to be called eccentric when they tell me how weird i am and always remember to thank them for reminding me that i am unique.
    4)read my friends blogs more often because it reminds me of how much i like them.
    5)mail the charles de lint book i bought for a friend ages ago and include a cute handbag while i am at it.
    6)make sure cathy knows i am not making fun of her, i’m just trying to send a little love her way…and those really are my resolutions, which i made up after reading hers.oh yeah, and tell her i think she is fabulous.:)

  5. cathy Says:

    Yea! Its Robin! I miss you guys so much. Jeff says we need to get to California again.
    I’d love to hire someone to do my cleaning. Jeff has a family member that does that, but I always feel that its only the rich and famous that have people to clean their houses.
    Embrace disorganization? Hmm. I’ll have to put that at my desk at work. Which I am staring at now and realizing that I won’t ever be organized anyway.
    Well I think that a certain girl named Robin is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  6. cathy Says:

    oooh and I hope that special friend is me. I LOVE Charles de Lint! (and purses, but everyone knows that). I should post a picture of my wall of purses. Its atrocious. And wonderful.

  7. robin Says:

    the special friend is you!! aaron and i are coming to new york for the auto show in april and we were just discussing tonight whether we wanted to come up to rochester when we do. we both think that we would, and since his parents are still in arizona we could spend all our time with you guys. are you going to be around the first 2 weeks of april? i would really like to see the wall of purses….

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