Somehow the Internet gods decided I should see this…

February 3rd, 2007 by cathy

They are called Landrollers, and they really freak the hell out of me. I have no idea who would actually wear these out in public, but I’m sure they’ll end up like the crocs. One day suddenly everyone will be wearing them and then like the sheep that I am, I’ll want a pair… Oh god I hope not. They really are bizarre looking. Plus I can’t really imagine that they are that comfortable, because the wheels are out on the sides with nothing right underneath you. They look hideous. Of course inline skates look strange and uncomfortable, but I got a pair of those. Of course those are a pain in the ass. I’m such a klutz that even the inline skates are hard for me to maneuver around in. I might as well be wearing high heals with wheels… hmm that might be funny. I sort of wish that roller skates were still popular. Those weren’t as bad, although I’m sure I would still freak out when I go down a hill or slight slope.

When I was living in a section of Henrietta that had more houses and more of a neighborhood, I used to skate a lot (and I really did it too!), but since we moved to this new development, there really isn’t anywhere that I can go that doesn’t get much traffic. I love my house a heck of a lot better than the one that we were renting, but I miss the neighborhood. And I miss living with four other people in the house (besides Jeff and I). It was almost like living in a dorm, with friends coming in and out and all the noise (and fighting). But it was fun because there was always someone to talk to and I usually had a skating partner.
I guess now I’ll have to stick to DDR, and leave the weird stuff to other people. LOL 🙂

BTW, I’ve sent my resume to Ogden Library… scary! I know I won’t ever be able to fill Patty’s shoes, since she’s one of my librarian idols (along with Adrienne and Stephanie), but I really like Anne and Roberta, so I think it could be fun.

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  1. Clorinda Says:

    Those crazy wheel made me giggle. I think I would break a leg. How about tryin’ those babies out at the Highland Park hills? LOL.

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