The Police are back!

February 14th, 2007 by cathy

Yea! My sister informed me this evening that the Police are getting back together to tour for a year. Oh my GAWD! You guys do not even know how much I love the Police. I found out about them in high school (maybe from my dad?) and I have loved them ever since. I love solo Sting too, but I LOVE the Police. I could listen to their music over and over and over. And in fact I have.

On another note, I was doing my typical thing of flitting through the blogsphere, and I knew of the site etsy already, but I hadn’t seen NeedleNoodles’s work before. All the crocheted candy, fruit and sushi you could ever want or need.
Finally, I’m going to read a series book tomorrow for my kids book discussion on Thursday. We do a different theme each month, and this month we are reading about weather (fiction/non-fiction). One of the girls LOVES weather fairies, so I’m going to try and tackle a couple by Thursday at 5pm. Shouldn’t be a problem, since I think I could read one in about 30 minutes. Even easier if the house is encased in snow like it is in Oswego. I was going to find pictures, but I’m tired and if I have to drive to work it might be nice to be awake for it.

Good night everyone!

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