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April 26th, 2007 by cathy

I’m on a new committee to explore new avenues of technology the library can take advantage of. I think I’m going to enjoy myself, because we have quite a cross-section of librarian-ship involved in the group. Plus I think it’ll be nice to bounce ideas off librarians that feel the same way I do about technology. Whether or not we will get the support of the other library staff will be a whole other thing. People in libraries seem to be very set in their ways, so it’ll definitely be interesting.

The committee will give me the opportunity to play around with a lot of new technologies, which, of course, I love. For example I’d really like to play around with wikis a lot more, and Adrienne’s “series binder” wiki has given me the perfect opportunity. I’m thinking that I may do a series wiki of my own and include comic titles we own as well. It’ll help me keep track of the series we own a lot easier. Plus I can have the kids and teens remind me when I’m slacking in my updating.

OH and I just had a brainstorm! Because we now have WIFI, I can bring my… err my husband’s laptop to work and create the wiki right where the books are without having to drag the books around! LOVE IT!

Anyway, the committee should be a lot of fun, although I did notice that one of the other committee members and myself may have been speaking a lot more than we should have, because I don’t think everyone else had much time to talk. We may have to remedy this somehow, but I don’t really know how… well I mean I can shut up a little more, but I don’t think we can bring it up to the other person…

Oh well, I’m grateful to Sally for letting me join the committee. Thank you Sally!

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  1. adrienne Says:

    I love our committee. I felt so good after our meeting last week, like, “WOW! Things are possible!”

    Our goal for the series binder wiki is to have all kinds of children’s series on there (even ones we don’t carry), so let’s share info. No sense duplicating effort, eh?

  2. Steve Tylock Says:


    This comes in from the aspect of “there are no accidents”-)

    I am starting to publicize a book that I just released – on LinkedIn. I’m a Penfield resident (and Irondequoit native) and while I scanned your blog and saw some pictures, I didn’t see the name of the library and couldn’t quite tell which one you are in. I have to think it’s not one I’m familiar with… (I know some of them, but clearly not all;-)

    Last week I was saying to myself “I’ve got to get a copy to the Penfield library”. Sure, I don’t have the funky number that you use to sort them, but they’ve got to accept a book from a local author…

    And then I found your blog this morning – and saw that you’re on a technology committee!

    I’d like to send you an electronic copy of “The LinkedIn Personal Trainer” – to review and learn from. Would that be ok?

    [Oh – and on a book note, my younger son and I finished “Speaker for the Dead” this past week;-]

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