California part deux

August 21st, 2005 by cathy

The wedding was great! It was so much fun. They had it on the beach at the ocean, and there were dolphins and starfish and lots of sand. At one point after the wedding a vente mint mocha chip frappuccino sized group (mmm… coffee, with lots of calories! eek!) went out to the beach and one of them (not from our party) was baptized.
It was fun and casual, two of my favorite things! One of the friends of the bride, who on a normal day is an airline pilot, instantly became an ordained minister online so that he could marry Robin and Aaron. I don’t know which online church he became a minister of, but it seems you can do this through many websites. As a practicing Presbryterian, I SHOULD probably be offended by how easy people make it to become a minister, but I thought it was really sweet.
Disneyland and California Adventure isn’t nearly as nice as Disneyworld, but we still had fun. Disneyland is smaller, older and not as capable of the large crowds that Disneyworld can handle.
I also went through the bride’s (Robin) bookshelves and found out that she might like Charles de Lint even more than I do. (and I love him!) Once a librarian, always a librarian I guess!

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