This kind of thing just shouldn’t happen

June 14th, 2007 by cathy

Check out this news article.

I was out to breakfast this morning, with the ladies in my life and Jack. Jenny had been watching the news and they had a spot about a group of gay people who were attacked early in the morning. They called the police, and then the police came, let the attackers go, attacked the gays and then brought some of them to jail.

Does this really happen here?  I thought we were supposed to be a gay friendly city. Maybe its just because I surround myself with gay friendly people. It really makes me sick just thinking about it. What’s worse, is that more immediate action should have been taken, and it wasn’t.  I am ashamed of the police department for allowing this to happen. If it had me in that situation, and if the police who came didn’t like women, would that be allowed to happen? I thought the police were supposed to keep everyone safe. Obviously not, I guess.

Well, here’s one librarian that wants to see that justice is done swiftly.  Goodnight. 🙁

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