The wii is…

February 10th, 2008 by cathy

In my possession as we speak! I got to Toys R Us at 9 am to wait in line for an hour. There had been people waiting since SEVEN AM! I don’t know why people do this. They may be crazy. I thought I was crazy waiting for an hour.
It was snowing and blowing and FREEZING! My goodness was it freezing. But I got in there. I was Wii 26 of 35. I also got Wii Play (with the extra wiimote) a nunchuk, and the charging station. After that I was warm enough to leave the store. Only to get out of the store and realize that I couldn’t see a foot in front of my face. Yuck.
I had somewhat of a cold late last week, but today I’ve felt horrible. Absolutely awful. Those patrons better appreciate how much I’ve suffered. Ah, who am I kidding? They’ll be mad that I didn’t get the right wii games.
Next week: a trek back to Toys R Us for Guitar Hero III.
Just so you guys know, even though we play a lot of games and watch Anime, I do encourage the youth to read too. Sure I do! Manga and the Halo series. Oh and thanks to Bob, my new favorite: Scott Pilgrim.

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  1. Samantha Says:

    deb and i have decided that our townhouse totally needs a wii especially since rockband is going to be out on it later in april (fwiw, we LOVE rockband!!!!) apparently all the stores here are fresh out of wii stock.

  2. cathy Says:

    I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I figured I would wait until I get back to work, and I’ve been sick since Sunday so I haven’t been back to work. 🙁
    I love that there’s no trouble getting a Playstation 3, but try and find a Wii. Good luck with that.
    Jack is being a pest. I need to help him put together his puzzle.

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