Pregnant again. This time its for real!

May 18th, 2008 by cathy

They (yes the mysterious they) say that in order to get pregnant, you need to get relaxed and comfortable and not think about getting pregnant. I was pretty messed up after the miscarriage and afraid I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. The girly cruise couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was stressed and really in need of vacation. By the time I got back, I really missed my little family, but I was relaxed.

It didn’t take too long before I found out that I was pregnant!! I had a little trouble early on so I’ve already had an ultrasound and everything looks good. On the 28th I’m supposed to have the special ultrasound where I find out the gender. I know its “controversial”, but I want to find out if its a girl or boy. I have a girl name picked, but no boy name, partly because I’m determined that its a girl. If not, I’ll love having three men in my house, but a girl would be nice. If its a girl, I want to call her Lyla Jane. It turns out that one of the librarians of MCLS has the same name. And while I really like her, I actually chose the name because Lyla was my great-grandma’s name and Jane was my previous choir director.

I’ve been really tired this pregnancy, I can’t remember anything, the small of my back has been hurting, I can’t (or shouldn’t) pick up Jack (and his 40 lbs of little guy) anymore, I’ve been pretty queezy recently and certain foods have been putting me off.  All these things remind me that I’m still pregnant, so even though I’m uncomfortable, I’m still pregnant.

Jack’s really excited about being a big brother soon. I think he’d really like to help out and take care of the new baby. He’s started going up to little babies when we see them and he gets really hyper and happy… although its probably a little too much for the babies. We’ll have to work on that some. Needless to say, I think he’ll like being a big brother.

On Wednesday, I’ll be 19 weeks pregnant, almost halfway there!

Jeeze, its almost midnight, three hours past my bedtime! 🙂

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