It’s okay. I know I’m crazy.

September 26th, 2005 by cathy

I’m going to try and get another grant… or two. I can’t remember if I posted earlier about this, but I was involved in a homeschooling grant with Cathy Henderson, the librarian from Greece, Jennifer Lindsey, the librarian from Chili and Adrienne Furness, the librarian (or uber as I like to call her) from Webster. So we officially got this grant for $35,000. Woe. Anyway, each of us was supposed to specialize in a different area. Hilton was going to specialize in the Arts. Then I found out about the grants available through the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester. There’s two of them: one for specific programs and one for advancing a cultural institution. Both sound great, but I’d have to have them in their office by November 10 at 5 PM. This does not give me much time to get everything set down on paper and completed. EEK! Needless to say, I would have to get started on this, whatever I’m going to do, almost immediately. I would like to do some Art History or Art classes for people that would relate to the homeschooling program. I would also like to get money for classes for one of the staff members to learn html, so that our website can be better developed. I just need to start writing everything on paper and sorting it out in my head so it makes sense.
Okay. Time to go to sleep. I can worry about this tomorrow.

5 Responses to “It’s okay. I know I’m crazy.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No,you aren’t crazy and you have writing talent.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    PS:It’s me,momster–not anonymous.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    You rock on, Cathy! You can do it!!! :)!!!

    Believe me, 80% of getting a grant is following the directions. I’ve been serving on a committee that awards grants for the past couple years, and you can’t believe the number of people who can’t manage to do what the application asks them to do. So then we can’t consider them.

    Plus these sound like good grant ideas. Plus you work in a community where you can prove need, being rural and small.

  4. Cathy Says:

    I worked on the grant yesterday… wow is there ever a lot of thinking involved. But now I’m more determined than ever.

  5. Adrienne Says:

    Yeah, it kind of gets to a point where you just can’t let it go.

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