June 7 – Sleeping places

June 7th, 2009 by cathy

We went to Fairport Canal Days today and we did a ton of walking… at least it felt that way. If I didn’t have family to help corral Jack, I don’t know what I would have done. Anyway, since I was carrying Leila in her sack, I really couldn’t take pictures, and by the time we came home and ate dinner, we were all completely out (the beer didn’t hurt either). Tonight I give you sleeping places! These photos aren’t nearly as good as some of the other ones because I just used the point and shoot because it was faster than the SLR (sorry Jeff). BTW, the blanket surrounding Leila isn’t actually where she sleeps. I know better than to put blankets on her bed. We actually have something that sits in the middle of the bed that she sleeps in… for now. I can’t wait to have more space in the bed again. Of course, I also can’t wait until she sleeps through the night.




A couple things of note about the Jack pictures:
1) The smallest crocodile was a big brother gift from one of my lovely co-workers. He calls that one “Martin Toody”. Please don’t ask me why. I have no idea what goes on in the mind of a four year old boy. I think the big long one’s name is Frank, but I could be mistaken. My husband would know.
2) Yes, that purple is the color of his room. His favorite color is purple and we let him choose what color he wanted.
That’s my son for you. Two of his favorite things are purple and crocodiles. Who am I to judge?



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  1. Jeff Says:

    It may not be obvious, but the big green pillow is also a crocodile. The biggest croc’s name (picked by me at random one day recently since Jack generally doesn’t name his toys) is Billy the Crocodile. Not seen in the photos is Jack’s crocodile puppet. They’re enough to start a barbershop quartet.

  2. adrienne Says:

    I also love purple and crocodiles.

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