June 15 – Add two parts cranky and three parts exhaustion

June 15th, 2009 by cathy

This was my day. I was tired and cranky, Leila was cranky and needy, and once Jack got home he was a bit tired, since they work him pretty hard at daycare and he didn’t take a nap today. For the first time so far, Leila was really driving me out of my mind. Sure, she annoys me some times, but this was the first time that I really felt at wits end. Of course part of it could have been that I was completely exhausted too.



It wasn’t all bad though. Jack is still a dear and I think eventually Leila will be a dear too.




I guess I love them, don’t I…

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  1. Pat Connor Says:

    Hi Cathy..Hannah says if you need an extra hand or want to take a snooze, give her a call and she would be glad to help out with Leila or Jack for a couple of hours. She didn’t find a job so she has lots of time on her hands to hold babies or play with little boys. You would have to go and get her since she doesn’t drive but other than that, she’s willing.

  2. cathy Says:

    Ah that sounds delightful. Unfortunately this is my last week before I go back. I’ll remember… or I’ll try and remember. My memory is even worse since motherhood, however I most definitely will be able to remember that there is help out there from people I know and can trust. Its awful scary being a mother sometimes.
    Thanks Pat. 🙂 You and your daughters are wonderful to me.

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