The Accident

October 25th, 2005 by cathy

By clicking on the title, you will be able to see the accident my first car was in. This is why I NEVER use my cell phone when I’m driving. I was turning into the parking lot of my apartment complex, and some idiot was too busy looking at his cell phone and drove right into me. I bought this car in August and the accident occured in October. I was in a state of shock for almost an hour afterwards. I’m so grateful that Jeff was there because he was able to calm me down. This has been the only accident I was ever in, so I think it was that much more shocking for me.

Please tell me about all the idiot drivers that drove their cars into you!

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  1. Whitney Says:

    Six hours after I drove my (first new car I ever owned/dream car/pride and joy) New Beetle off the dealer lot, I got rearended by a stretch SUV limo on its way to a wedding reception.

    Wasn’t nearly as bad as your accident, though. Ugh.

  2. Patty Says:

    My husband went through two pretty traumatic accidents in the last 5 years, both of which involved cell phones. In the first one, a young girl was yakking on her phone and turned left in front of him. The second time, a young girl was yakking on her phone and turned into him at an intersection. The first time, his whole van was totaled and he was hurt; the second time, just the front end of his van was damaged. Both accidents happened shortly after he hung a dreamcatcher from his rearview mirror, so he has theorized that he attracted some bad spirits with those dreamcatchers. Personally, I lay the blame on those young girls yakking on their phones.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Your poor car!

    I had a drunk lady pull out of a K&K directly into my car when I was 18. That sucked. It was also one of the rare times I ever saw my husband (who wasn’t my husband then) truly angry. He came to get me and help me with the car, and I swear he was grappling with the notion of punching this woman.

    A few years ago, my dad bought a brand-new car without mentioning it to me. So he drove it from the dealer’s lot directly to my house to show me. When he slowed down to pull onto my street, a teenager who’d just gotten his license rear-ended him. That sucked, too. The car had something like 10 miles on it.

  4. Caleb Rood (ahh! ex Page) Says:

    Hey Cathy I just found your page while stumbling around Melissa’s blog! Who’d have thought! Anyways I just wanted to say hi (I hope you got my note I left you about Fruits Basket when I was in the library a while back). So, hi! Oh, and sorry to hear about your car! I haven’t been in an accident yet but I am probably long overdue.

    It is cool that you have a blog and stuff. Breaking the “Miss Professional” mode (like you said in your profile) it seems so many people fall into. But anyways, I guess I’ll see you and Melissa at the library next time I get my break from UB.

    But yeah, bye! :o)

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