New car AT LAST!

September 3rd, 2009 by cathy

I just got my new Subaru Outback and I LOVE IT! What a great car! It’s not as convenient as the Mazda with its sliding doors and three rows, but its definitely a nicer car. I love having a hill-holder clutch again and I’m sure the heated seats will be delightful in the winter. Right now, I’m mostly grateful that I can drive again. At first I was going to get a Subaru Legacy, which is a sedan. Nice, but not the station wagon/ hatchback that I really wanted. Jeff spoke to Carl, who is the most wonderful salesman EVER, and after some sleuthing he found out that an Outback was due to come in a couple of days before the Outback. ACES!!! You are awesome Carl (and Jeff) and my new Outback is even more awesome. I love driving again. Yippee!

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