Technology Institute for the library

September 13th, 2006 by cathy

I am involved in this program through my library system. We have to read this blog, which seems like homework to me. This is profoundly so for me, because

1) one of the top dogs wants to use some of my work blogs for demonstration purposes (or something of that sort), which means I will have to update a lot more regularly than I am finding possible recently, which ALSO means that I might be updating these blogs at home.

2) we have to read articles, which if you had read before still holds true for this. I will end up reading a lot of this at home.

There really is not enough time in the day! I do not know how people are able to keep everything straight. I have so much on my plate now, which is why I was stressing a couple of days ago, and continue to do so now. I know I will get everything done because I ♥love♥ my job, but until then I will be out of my mind. This comes with being alone in what you do and not having anyone you can really delegate jobs to. Poop.

Luckily many of the things that the Institute wants to encourage the libraries to do, we already have implemented in Parma, thanks to me(huzzah!): blogs, flickr, playstation programs, myspace… I was thinking of using Yahoo IM, but our library has it blocked. Of course, one needs time to keep up with all these things, and as a keeper of six? (graphic novels, visiting artists, teens, kids, professional, and this one) blogs, life can get a little out of hand.

Sleep is also very important, so good night!

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