State Fair

September 4th, 2006 by cathy

When I was a kid, we would go to the state fair every year, and I would always be amazed and awed at how aaaa…. awesome (?) it was. Then I went this year.

It was dirty and crowded. They sold tons of crappy things that would break soon after getting them home, or looked good when you bought it, but kept you wondering why you bought it when you got it home such as:

1) a print of Mary (the mother of Jesus, you know) looking down lovingy upon Pope John Paul II. My mom said that she was going to buy one to put above her bed, and I told her that she’d never get laid again (did I actually say that? umm yes I did)

2) those t-shirts that people will spray paint your name, Jesus, or the Tweety bird upon for all to see

3) dolls of giant snakes, giant teddy bears, and giant Stewies (from the Family Guy) I actually saw someone holding their child because they had a Stewie in a stroller. I remember getting one of these dolls somehow, and they are the cheapest things you could imagine. Nevermind, where are you going to put these things… in your infants bedroom? They’ll have nightmares for years.

4) Masks like the one seen in Nacho Libre. I kid you not. What scared me more, was the fact that people were actually looking at them.

The list goes on and on of the crap to spend your money on… cheap jewelry, sunglasses, makeup… Those cloths that suck up all liquids and your cash in a second, those shredders for vegetables… blah blah blah. People were eating it up.

I spent my money on:

1) one piece of beef jerky for Jack

2) donating a dollar and my signature to Planned Parenthood – plus two free buttons: Got Choice? and Don’t like abortion, don’t have one

3) buying a gay pride rubber bracelet – I love the rainbow and I love doing what I can to support homosexuals struggling for equality. I also got a free sticker for Jack, a pin and a temporary tattoo. My sister had her pin on and some guy tried to hand her a pamphlet of “literature”. He took one look at her pin and took it back. Yippee! Less crap to throw away when we get home!

4) I didn’t buy this, but I got some literature on the NYS retirement system. “Its never too late to prepare for your future.” However it is deathly boring. I also got a Hillary Clinton postcard. I don’t know how I feel about her, but I’m going to let her know how I feel about the issues. I went to the pork booth and got pork crayons. Okay so they weren’t made of pork, but I thought it would be funny if they were.

5) Ice Cream. I had to pick the ice cream that was at the very end of the bucket, and so while everyone else got these HUGE scoops of ice cream, I had to share a little dinky thing with Jack. Oh well, its less weight that I have to think about.

6) Korean food – Yakisoba. It was YUMMY, and I think Jack liked it too. Upon looking it up, turns out its Japanese, but I guess since they had sushi there too, maybe it was a Japanese/Korean fast food joint. Still yummy.

7) Leather purse. I don’t care if I have 35 purses already. It was cute.

8) Coffee. I had to drive there and back, so I thought I should keep my strength up. ) It was funny, I was in line, and the guy in front of me thought I was his wife. Before turning around, he asked me if I wanted a muffin. So I said sure! Then he turned around and said oops, but smiled. I got my coffee, and was putting creamer in it, when he showed up again, and asked me if I got my muffin. I asked him if he had gotten it for me. His wife and my sister both looked pretty confused, and us, amuzed.

Jack had a great time looking at all the people and flirting with the ladies. Since he had a good time, I guess it was worth it, but I wasn’t bowled over by it. The animals were pretty interesting, but having no idea what the difference was between a good cow and a great cow, after seeing a couple of them, I was done (especially with the smell). The bunnies were pretty neat too, but they smell even worse than the chickens (which was awful).

It was fun spending time with the family, but I’d never need to do it on my own… although I guess its not something you do on your own anyway.

Hope you’ve had a good Labor Day. Now I have to prepare for my story times. Ehh gads. This is for another post, but somehow I just can’t come up with any ideas for my 1 – 2 year olds. Of course, I might be cancelling them because only two signed of for the 1 – 2 year olds and two for the 3 – 5 year olds. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS???!!! Its not like I bite them or yell at them. Urrgh. Oh well, I might have some free time this fall. I’ll post more later.

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