Strong Museum

October 5th, 2006 by cathy

I had the day off today. My mom, grandma, sister, Jack and I all went to the Strong Museum. Good grief. We needed all four of us to keep track of Jack! He’s amazingly fast when he wants to be. Plus there was so much to see that he just wandered from place to place and while we were looking at one thing, he would be off on to something new. There were so many neat things to see. They have kept some of the old things that they had before, and added a lot more new things too. The Sesame Street set and Wegmans set was the same. They added a train that the kids could ride, an airplane, a whole reading play center. It was quite a bit of fun, especially since this time I actually had a child with me. Jack had almost too much fun, if that’s possible. We spent about three hours at the museum, and by the end everyone was ready for a nap, or already napping. We hadn’t a chance to go to the Butterfly House so we’ll have to go back sometime.

It was fun watching all the little kids running about having a great time, and their parents hurrying behind them, trying to catch up. I even met one of the moms that comes to my story time for 1 – 2 year olds. Her son couldn’t be bothered with me, but the mom spoke to me for a minute or two. I also saw my choir director’s wife with her children, but I just popped out of a window and said hi, so I don’t think that she recognized me, and I may have scared her.

Overall, a great time, but I think we’ll have to go back, so that we can see more. I spent so much time chasing after Jack, that I didn’t get to see too much… especially upstairs where they have the collections of old toys and dolls. Jack’ll have to be a little older to appreciate that, I think.

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