Early childhood literacy

October 2nd, 2006 by cathy

This past week was SO busy (How busy was it?) It was so busy I can’t believe its time for a new week already!

On of the most memorable of the events was the Early Childhood Literacy program, which I think was last Tuesday. Days blur into each other.

The program was useful, although at certain points, I think the presenter went into too much detail about the lives of her children, grandchildren, and herself. However, she was very enthusiastic and I got caught up in the feeling.

I was also able to spend time with Kelly, the librarian at Brockport and Xandi, a future librarian and current staff of Webster library. I think its always fun to see other people’s takes on librarianship, and the people we serve.
The program encouraged us, as librarians, to search for ways to show parents that even their very young children could enjoy books, before they can read, before they can speak, before they can even understand human speech. Our part is to show the parents that don’t have the time or patience for their children that they need to make the time.

Unfortunately, the people that we need to reach, do not go to libraries. We have to go out into the community and reach out to these people with our picture books and hand puppets in tow. We have to let them know that even if they can’t read very well, there are ways to share with their children.

She discussed how children that are read to from very early on, have much more brain activity than those with limited interaction. She went on to say that even if the child only wants to eat the book, that’s okay, because they use all five senses when interacting with books.

It got me thinking that a grant might be in order. If I could work with teenaged mothers to encourage them to read with their children. I could set up programs and make kits. It would be super!

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