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January 5th, 2004 by cathy

Phew! I didn’t realize that this could be so addicting! Now I have lots of web links, but almost no actual blog. Well maybe I should talk about ME some more… Considering that it supposed to be my personal journal. So anyway. I’m a children’s and young adult librarian in a small town in western New York. I like it, but sometimes it gets really crazy. It can become really overwhelming.

I’m also a modified librarian! I have a tattoo on the back of my shoulder, a nose stud (which my boss let me keep in and none of the patrons seem to freak out about) and tons of earrings. My husband hates them, but I love them. They make me feel young and carefree, although the high school students still seem so much younger than me. I’m already old, and I’m not even 25 (at least not until April).

I cut my story time from one hour to half an hour, yet they still exhaust me. I’m trying to be more organized by giving my story times themes, but then it means more work putting it together. Ergh! It amazes me all the work that public librarians have to get do, as compared to the amount they get paid. If my husband wasn’t a computer guy that I wouldn’t be where I am (a yuppie… shocking isn’t it). I actually love my life right now!

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