I have changed my name…

January 13th, 2004 by cathy

Just thought you guys should know…

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Ass Machine Kool.
What’s yours?
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Anyway. I had to take a stuffed dinosaur away from a kid yesterday because he was hitting other kids with the thing and then he started to hit his head into the wall and a few times he ran out of the story time room. I had everything organized and planned. I think my first stupid thing to do was starting 5 minutes late. About five kids all came in 5 minutes late and totally disturbed any sense of peace there was. Then one of the kids had to go pee and I was afraid that everyone else was going to have to go pee. Luckily this didn’t happen. However just as I had all the kids sitting down (for the most part) and coloring pictures, the power went out in the library. The power went out in the story time room… where there are NO windows! Somehow all the kids got out. I do like being a librarian? What’s going to happen when I’m a mother!?! Jeeze.

I have an Anime discussion group today. My first. And there was a big write up in one of the local papers. So now I have another thing to worry about, since I’ve been reading the stuff, but I really am not an expert, so I hope the kids aren’t expecting much. 🙁

And tomorrow is my dreaded 6 – 7 year old story time. I heard that the woman I had trouble with has been kicked out of other libraries and other story times and that she has a habit of suing places she’s renting. My lucky day! Oh well. I figure I’ll read a few longer books and then do a craft (we’ll be making paper pizzas this time). Wish me luck!

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