Six-year-olds need to be given less sugar

January 21st, 2004 by cathy

Well I survived another day with the six year olds. I think doing a craft helps alot. I just need to keep finding crafts for them to do. After story time, my boss told me to go have a drink. I didn’t, but its so cool to have a boss that understands.

I just discovered the joys of Oriental Trading Company
They have so many kits for poor librarians that needs programs, but don’t have any money. I’ve already planned about five or six programs (in my mind).

On a non-library note, my sister told me to visit this knitting blog:
It makes me so happy to see other people my age that love yarn too. I try to crochet or knit and I love both, but all I can make are scarves or blankets. I think I need to take a class… I started to look at other knitting blogs, and boy does it make me jealous when I see how talented other people are. I’ll get over it though. For example there is a woman in Japan that knits, and she does a lot of stuff in miniature. It’s incredible!

Oh well. Life goes on.

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