PBS in trouble

June 25th, 2005 by cathy

PBS was in danger of losing all its funding recently. That would mean no more Sesame Street, Cailou, Nova or This Old House. There would be no more NPR or my local PBS station in Rochester NY, WXXI. I listen to the WXXI radio station as I’m falling asleep every night. I want my son to have nice educational programs to watch, such as Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, whic I grew up on. He wouldn’t have the radio station, which is the only one in Rochester that plays classical music, to use as background music when he’s dancing around in the living room like my sisters and I did when we were younger. As a kid with both parents working full time, PBS was something we had when we couldn’t go outside or we didn’t want to play inside. People have been saying that PBS is biased and leans to the left, but I don’t really think that Barney, Mr Rogers and Big Bird had some secret agenda. Luckily, through places like MoveOn.org the word has gotten out and over a million people added their signatures to a petition to restore funding. Granted, on look at the website and you’ll know that MoveOn.org hates our current president and obviously pretty liberal thinking, I don’t think that PBS had that intention.

In closing, it was really freaking hot today! According to the local newspaper it only got up to 92… but I think it was hotter than that.

Oh well, I must be going. My baby is giggling!

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