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“Hey There, Hi There, Ho There”

Friday, September 8th, 2006

The quote is from the Mickey Mouse song, although what it has to do with my post, I do not know.
Anyway, long time no see.

Lots has been going on.

1) School has started. THANK GAWD! I love those teens, but they were so bored, they were driving me mad. Leaving butts all over the library, throwing food and paint at the building, beating each other up. You get the idea. I really try to stand up for them and listen to them, but sometimes its REALLY hard.

2) I went to Webster for a staff exchange day. It was so great! I love that Adrienne (kids librarian) gets to lie on the floor of her office to look at books and prepare for story time. One of my co-workers said I could do that, but I’d get rolled over or stepped on. The library is gi-normous! You need to call people to talk to them, not just holler or twirl your seat around. There are three people at the Reference desk (we don’t even have a reference desk). Everything is bright and clean. Adrienne has her own story time room, and TONS of crafty stuff. She has a dedicated staff just for children’s services, plus there are two (ish) teen librarians. Sigh. It was a lot of fun and interesting.

On the other hand, I REALLY like where I’m working. Everyone is really close, there is no reference desk (which is good because it gives me more ordering/programming time, but bad because I don’t have much reference desk experience), everyone knows eachother. They like me (they really like me).

This does lead me to some other things I’d like to talk about:

3) Sometimes I feel VERY overwhelmed, like I’m definately taking on too much. There is a class for librarians on managing stress. I may try to take that. Maybe they will teach me how to meditate…  Unfortunately, this is completely my fault, because I added all the new programs. The only one that was in place as a yearly continuing program was story time. I sometimes feel that I have too much on my plate and it makes me frazzled. Double unfortunately, I want to make everyone (except myself, it seems) happy. I’m a people pleaser, or try to be. I have a couple big projects that I’m doing now that have a deadline. Plus there are other little projects that I have taken on, never mind ordering books and programming. Especially the story times. I’ve been wanting to explore new ways to do story time. Which leads me to story time.

4) I love story times. I put out surveys to see when people want story times, I advertise within the library and one of my coworkers puts notices in the newspapers. I HEAVE fliers at them. Everyone calls asking about story time. Begging for story time.

Four kids signed up for the 3 – 5 years and four kids for the 1 – 2 years. I asked one woman with small kids and she said “We don’t do story time.” Well fine. Neither do I. Oh, don’t worry, I’ll give it a couple of weeks.

I also did a drop in, evening story time. EVERYONE was begging me! “Why in God’s name, don’t you do an evening drop in story time? We don’t want to sign up. We work, and we want it at night.” So, I do it and how many people show up? ONE. And the only reason she showed up is because one of my co-workers drove her to the library (she was her granddaughter). Sigh.


I have been having more dizzy spells again. I keep trying to forget about them, mostly because I’m really scared. Of course that’s probably the last thing I should be doing.

These spells are strange. Someone will say something that’ll get me thinking and suddenly the dizzy spell will come on. I don’t know if its because I shouldn’t be thinking too hard, or what. I get a dry throat flushed in my face and I get sweaty. Plus of course the dizziness. Jeff says I should be keeping track of them… and not like the time I said that I was going to keep track of everything I bought and post it here. Maybe next year. Anyway, I’m going to call my mom and then the doctor next week. Jeff’s orders.

I guess that’s it.

Oh, wait. I want to get a custom made earring known as a twister from Primitive Impressions. I’ve seen them and they look really interesting. However, they need to be custom made because they’ll be going through all the holes in my left ear and the holes in my left ear are a little different from the holes in someone else’s ear. Curious, and interesting. We shall see. Got to talk to the hubby, although I’ve mostly convinced myself. The only thing that’s holding me back is the PSP. I’m going to get one so I can play Loco Roco, show pictures/video and listen to MP3s. Fun!

Now I’m off to Slumberland.

I like crayons.

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

I like crayons. I like them a lot. However, not all crayons are created equal. I do not mean to be a crayon snob or anything, but Crayola has, hands down, the best crayons. Their consistancy, their smell, the vibrancy of their colors. Although I must say I like these crayons as well however I am offended at how these people use crayons (not in a dirty way)… and on a serious note, I probably would like these Staedtler crayons as well, because I know they make really good erasers, so why wouldn’t they make good crayons?

BTW, about 30 minutes has passed by because I got trapped in the world of Flickr. You are evil! Evil I say!

I like crayons.

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I like crayons. I like them a lot. However, not all crayons are created equal. I do not mean to be a crayon snob or anything, but Crayola has, hands down, the best crayons. Their consistancy, their smell, the vibrancy of their colors. Although I must say I like these crayons as well however I am offended at how these people use crayons (not in a dirty way)… and on a serious note, I probably would like these Staedtler crayons as well, because I know they make really good erasers, so why wouldn’t they make good crayons?

BTW, about 30 minutes has passed by because I got trapped in the world of Flickr. You are evil! Evil I say!

Look who I look like (poor me)

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Upon reading Patty’s blog (director of the lovely Ogden Library), I knew that I had to try this to see what celebrities I look like. I thought I might look like some beautiful popular famous woman, but NOoooo. Instead, I look like:

1) a German politican who is a member of the Free Democratic Party (Hans-Dietrich Genscher)

2) an Italian American comedian who hasn’t been in very many good movies.. well a couple like Mars Attacks and L.A. Confidential (Danny DeVito)

3) a beautiful Italian actress… okay that’s pretty cool, but I don’t look like a YOUNG version of her (Sophia Loren)

4) a member of Knesset and chairman of the Meretz-Yachad party in Isreal (Yossi Beilin)

5) an Israeli superstar (model and actress) okay this is very cool and she’s young to boot (Yael Bar Zohar)

6) a Dutch chess player (Max Euwe)

7) a Hungrarian mathematician (Kurt Godel)

8) an American actor… Luke Skywalker! (Mark Hamill)

I also look like Donald Rumsfeld, but since I don’t agree with the war in Iraq, I didn’t think it would be good to associate my face with that of the Secretary of Defense. Plus its not as much fun as saying you look like Luke Skywalker!

I was disappointed that I didn’t look like more women and that a lot of the men I looked like had big flappy cheeks, but at least some of them were pretty neat. I really suggest you do it too, so that you can share my pain, or make me jealous! Plus its free! Weee!

Toad the Wet Sprocket

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Why did I think they had broken up? Toad the Wet Sprocket may be (I can hear all of you making rude noises but I shall ignore you) my all time favorite band. It maybe that I thought they had broken up, because although they have been together since the late 80’s, early 90’s, they have only put out a couple of cds, one of which was a live show and one which was a retrospective, which I don’t think should count.

Bread and Circus (1988)
Pale (1990)
Fear (1991)
Dulcinea (1994)
In Light Syrup (1996)
Coil (1997)

Since they hadn’t really put anything out in almost ten years, I was positive that they were no more. Then I popped in one of their cds and decided to see if they had a website. Sure enough, they’re still around, but they really haven’t put out much since the late 90’s, except for the two cds that I don’t count.

You don’t really hear much about them, which is what I really like. They aren’t having illegitimate children (as far as I know) getting drunk and running over people. This is what I like. Unfortunately, being nice and having nice melodic music is not what sells. Debauchery sells. Being nice and honest gets you a happy wife and a quick ticket to the poor house.

Check their website out, you can listen to their music right on the site. If you don’t like them, oh well, I knew I didn’t like you much anyway. If you DO like them, I love you and can’t wait to kiss your feet.

David Sedaris

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I am in the process of listening to a couple of David Sedaris’ books on cd, as read by the author, and I love them! He has a wonderful way with the mundane things of everyday life and making them sound so crazy… although maybe they are crazy and I’m just insane in comparision. Whatever it is, I’m really in love with this guy. Its a shame that he’s gay and I’m married. Needless to say, you should all listen to his books. Really, I suggest NOT reading the books and listening to them instead. I think its a whole different experience, especially since he reads them himself. Just divine!

So many posts all in one day

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

I don’t usually post this many times in one day, heck I don’t usually post this many times in one week! However this morning I received a call that warranted a post. I actually posted this on another blog, so I’m sorry Adrienne, if you read this, you can stop reading now.

I got a call on the phone from one of those telemarketers and she immediately asked to speak to my mommy. That’s right, not my mom or my mother, but my mommy. She should have just asked to speak to the head of the household or something to save us all our dignity, but that would have been too easy, and I would have one less post.
Then I proceeded to tell her that I AM the mommy. Unless I imagined everything, I was pretty sure that I was pregnant and in labor for hours… usually people that call their mom, mommy haven’t had the experience of childbirth…
Wait! I call my mom mommy.
Anyway, I still have the right to be pretty preturbed. And I was.

BTW, I checked to see that I was spelling preturbed right (which I’m still not so sure of) and the first entry was for the urban dictionary which stated:

someone who is a biatch after being pissed off

“Ms. Hammy was preturbed after I abruptly threw my bumblebee project at her in science class.”

Double BTW The original post spelled science wrong but I decided to change it.

So anyway, after all that she wanted me to take a TWENTY MINUTE survery on grocery stores. In any other circumstance I would have been intrigued, since I have a crazy desire to take surveys… it makes me feel like I make a difference or something. But the lady ruined it for me so I told her no. Besides, I was watching my SON and a cartoon that I just adore on Nickelodeon called Avatar: the Last Airbender. My husband of course says I’m insane and act like a kid, but maybe that’s part of the appeal. 🙂

Today is…

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

My ten year anniversary with Jeff! We started dating the summer of my senior year in high school. Plus its our four year wedding anniversary. The reason I remember our wedding year is because we had little favors that said:

Cathy and Jeff
say I do
August 3, 2002

Cheesy but cute.

Unfortunately, I have to work tonight, so we can’t do anything together. 🙁 Funnily enough… or I guess its weirdly enough, we “actually” got married some time in March, because I didn’t want to be off health insurance and my parents couldn’t keep me on theirs anymore. Very romantic, isn’t it? Jeff and I pretend that the March date doesn’t exsist, but sometimes I think about it.

The “wedding” in March was sweet. My parents, his parents, Jeff and I went to our pastor’s house. She had just been meditating a few minutes earlier and when we got there, there was a horrible burning smell in the house. Her cat had flicked  her tail into the candle. Burnt cat fur is REALLY stinky.

Our pastor was very sweet and the whole thing was very nice and cozy… sometimes I think that I liked this wedding better than the big one. Our real wedding wasn’t full of pomp and circumstance or anything, but there were about 100 people, it was busy and crazy, and everything went by in a flurry. Plus those big wedding dresses are hot in the summer!

The Presbryterian service was nice and simple. The choir (which we are members of) sang a beautiful song in the middle. The bridesmaids and I all had sunflowers which were a lovely shade of yellow. At the end, instead of a limo, Jeff tried to fit me into his Lotus Elan, which is quite a small car. It’s not the smallest car in the world, but when you are trying to get all your crinoline into a car that size… well its amuzing for everyone except the person with the crinoline.

We had the reception in Jeff’s parents’ backyard, which was so beautiful. More than I ever had the eye to see. We ate Dinosaur Barbeque… which EVERYONE loved! Much yummier than those pretencious salads with dandelion or boring as macaroni salad, chicken, ziti and sauce buffet. Plus my godmother made the cake and my mother-in-law and the rest of the family made cookies that people could take home.

It was a lot of fun!… and I must say today will probably be very disappointing in comparison.


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

I love crayons.
I love their smell.
And the way they feel
sliding on the paper.

I also love pencils
but I hate when the lead
bleeds onto my hand.

(being a lefty sucks when you use a pencil because it gets all over your hand)

Obvious, but it needs to be said

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006


I don’t know if it beat the record in 1933 – 96 degrees, but with the humidity, it was supposed to be 110 degrees. Yeck.


Good night.