What does one use a blog for nowadays?

November 30th, 2022 by cathy

I haven’t used a blog in a long time, but I sent a survey out to library parents, asking them what kinds of technology programs they would like and one of the things they said was blogs. They also mentioned creative writing, which I tried, but no one came to, but we won’t discuss that.

So, I thought to myself, I need to bring back my blog and make another attempt. What does one write about in blogs? Usually they focus on one thing or another, and don’t traipse around, willy nilly, but my brain doesn’t focus on one thing or another. It floats around without much focus…. so. Maybe some things you should know about me, should you fall into my blog.

1. I’m a children’s librarian in Rochester NY. I love doing storytimes and celebrating reading to them. I also like doing programs where the kids are totally invested in it. Whether that be crafts, or Minecraft, or whatever.

2. I can’t focus long enough to finish a book very often. I have LOTS of books that I’ve started, but it takes a very good book for me to finish it. Thank goodness for Libby where I have a list of books that I’ve checked out and how far I’ve gotten into them.

3. I like writing poetry and sometimes short stories. I’m not good by any means, but I like writing. It makes me think differently, which is fun.

4. I love running, even though I’m not what one would look at and say “wow, she’s a runner”. Still, I mostly enjoy it and I LOVE the people I run with.

5. I love making crafts. Unfortunately, I get obsessed with a craft, then stop after a few weeks. My most recent obsession was wire wrapping. Before that it was goddess bracelets.

6. I love my family. They’re a bunch of very silly, very unique people and they make my days much easier to handle…. for the most point. Sometimes there are days they drive me bonkers, but that’s all families.

Well… there you go. These are the things I’m likely to write about. At least I’ll try. It’ll probably be like my crafts, where I get obsessed for a while, then give up.

My Review of Custom Messenger

January 17th, 2010 by cathy

Love my bag

By Cathy the Librarian from West Henrietta, NY on 1/17/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Comfortable, Rugged

Cons: Uncomfortable Strap

Best Uses: Baby bag, Commuting

Describe Yourself: Office Professional

Primary use: Personal

I wish that the bags came standard with the compression straps and the strap pad. I had purchased a small bag in the past, which is fine without either, but I also can’t carry as much. This time I got the medium one and I think it could do with some cinching in when I don’t have tons and some padding for my shoulder when I do have tons. It seems that the bigger the bag I carry the more stuff I have.
Otherwise I love love love my bag. The colors are nice and vibrant and the quality is outstanding. I use it for an everyday bag and baby bag and I’m pretty hard on everything I have, so this is perfect for me. Yay for Timbuk2!


We managed to keep Leila alive four months!

September 9th, 2009 by cathy

Yesterday Leila turned four months.

At this point, she’s:

  1. smiling, giggling, squealing and looking adorable in general.
  2. rolling around on the floor and holding herself up on her arms.
  3. attempting to eat rice cereal. Unfortunately, the food doesn’t get into her mouth fast enough.
  4. “talking” in her adorable baby speak
  5. sleeping in her crib. This is a big one. She was finally too big to stay in her bassinet, so last night we moved her into her room. Our bedroom is ours again! … well except for the diapers, picture books, onesies, coloring books and crayons and dollies.

I’m sure that Jeff will have some other things that I’ve forgotten. He’s pretty good at telling me things that I’ve forgotten to say or do. 😛

September 8

September 8th, 2009 by cathy

Jack loves the “new” typewriter that my parents had left at our house to be donated… unfortunately we won’t be able to donate it for a while.


September 7

September 7th, 2009 by cathy

She’s happy little thing when she’s got her eyes on her brother.


New car AT LAST!

September 3rd, 2009 by cathy

I just got my new Subaru Outback and I LOVE IT! What a great car! It’s not as convenient as the Mazda with its sliding doors and three rows, but its definitely a nicer car. I love having a hill-holder clutch again and I’m sure the heated seats will be delightful in the winter. Right now, I’m mostly grateful that I can drive again. At first I was going to get a Subaru Legacy, which is a sedan. Nice, but not the station wagon/ hatchback that I really wanted. Jeff spoke to Carl, who is the most wonderful salesman EVER, and after some sleuthing he found out that an Outback was due to come in a couple of days before the Outback. ACES!!! You are awesome Carl (and Jeff) and my new Outback is even more awesome. I love driving again. Yippee!

My car is GONE.

August 12th, 2009 by cathy

Leila and I were driving to pick up Jack at daycare today and while we were going straight another car turned left into us. I tried swerving out of the way, but the right side of my car still hit pretty hard and my airbag went off.

We’re both okay, but my car isn’t. Jeff thinks that it might not be totaled, but it looks really awful to me. I guess time will tell. I don’t want to be without a car. Bleh.

August 1

August 1st, 2009 by cathy

I always wear safety glasses when I brush my teeth, why shouldn’t he?


June 27 – Leila at Caledonia Carnival

July 27th, 2009 by cathy

Always eating. Almost always adorable.

June 27 – Jack at Caledonia Carnival

July 27th, 2009 by cathy

Oh, isn’t he to die for? 🙂