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New Year’s Resolution

Friday, June 16th, 2006

I’m making a few really really late new year’s resolutions.

I’m going to:
1) try and update this blog more often
2) practice yoga more often
3) DDR more often
4) read more often
5) watch less tv
6) get more organized at work, so that Sally isn’t embarrassed of me
7) learn how to play the guitar (darn you Jason!)
8) learn how to do string tricks (double darn to you Adrienne!)=
9) take more courses at RRLC
10) make new year’s resolutions when I’m supposed to… at the beginning of the year!

I guess I’ve just been in a funk recently. Over the past two days, I’ve deleted about 500-600 books, and there are still more left to delete. I’ve felt really disorganized at work, and I’ve been falling behind on keeping track of my spending. I’m really awful at keeping records, which is appalling. I’m more the freespirited kind of person that goes around with the chicken puppet and the stickers making kids smile. Its really shameful. If they teach courses about time/money management at RRLC, I’ll have to take them. Immediately. Plus, I’ve been thinking about having another kid, and I’m no lightweight anymore. I need to lay off the fancy coffees. Too many calories. Double plus, a librarian that doesn’t have time to read, is like a firefighter with no time to fight fires. Can’t be allowed.
Wow. Time to go to bed. I’m getting too old for this.

BTW. I love driving my new car!