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This past weekend part one.

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

I have a new obsession. (hmm, that looked weird, but its spelled right… I think that there should be a list of weird words that you think are spelled wrong, but aren’t…)

ANYway, the new obsession is… felting purses. If you’ve read the blog before, you already know about the purse insanity. Now add in

1) the relaxation of crocheting
2) the joy of picking the colors of the yarn
3) the happy surprise of felting the bag
4) the ecstasy (another weird word) of having a new bag to lug around

I thought it was going to be hard, but after about five calls to one of my co-workers (on a Sunday no less) I finally finished my first bag.

This is how my weekend went:

Thursday – bought the yarn after finding out the wool yarn I did buy was only 20% wool and 80% acryllic… that’s called “pretend wool”, which means that it won’t felt. I found out it was on sale and danced the happy dance of joy, which is similar to the pee-pee dance, only happy.
Friday – worked, then crocheted throughout a free concert that we went to with Jeff’s sister and her family. I also chased my nieces, played a tamborine, ate a cheese burger, danced and tickled my nieces.
Saturday -  crocheted most of the day, except when we went grocery shopping so I could buy:

a) fruit roll ups
b) twinkies
3) rice krispie treats
4) gummy worms

And no its not because I’m pregnant or anything. We made candy sushi today in anime group. It was gross and yummy all at once.

Sunday – we went to breakfast with the Lotus Group or “Loony” then I crocheted endlessly, until I umm… ended. I finished Sunday evening, forgetting to do everything (go to the bathroom, eat food… you get the idea). Then I threw it in the washing machine to felt and we watched a movie. More on that in the next post.

I love my bag, and I’m going to make a little purse out of the leftover yarn. Yippee!

(I will post pictures soon.)