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Jack is sick :(

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Jack is sick, and I feel helpless. He coughs this terrible hacking cough and he’s much quieter than normal. At night I can hear him tossing in his sleep and then HACK HACK HACK he coughs. I don’t know what to do, and all I really want to do is cuddle him and make him all better. I haven’t decided if I should stay home to cuddle with him all day, or if I should just let my mom do it. I know that she’d be fine, since I’m sure that she cuddled me to make me better when I was little, but I’d rather it was me that was doing the cuddling. Oh well.

BTW, I knew that he was really sick when he didn’t really want to eat anything… well except blueberry cobbler, cookies, animal crackers and m&ms… hmm I wonder if he’s just playing with us.

Double BTW. Jack is getting really good at making the sign for more, and he uses it quite often. I think I have a really hungry baby. I’ll pretend its because he’s so tall.