War of the Worlds with (blegh) Tom Cruise

December 12th, 2005 by cathy

I don’t usually do movie reviews, but this deserved one. Gawd! What drivel! I would hope that in this day in age, people could at least try and make movies worth seeing.

If you haven’t seen the movie, and plan on doing so at any time, please do not read anymore…

Some glaring things that I found wrong with this movie.

The power is out, electricity does not work, batteries don’t work (Tom Cruise’s watch doesn’t work at one point) yet SOMEHOW
* You can get a car working by changing the solenoid – I actually did some research (okay I googled it) but a solenoid works by sending current through a tube. To do this would’nt you need to use a battery? Didn’t the movie just show us that batteries were NO LONGER working, by showing us that even Tom Cruise’s watch did not work?
* You can still use your movie camera to tape people getting fried. So the effect of seeing people getting fried through the lens of the camera was cute, but who are we kidding? Does the writer and/or director think we are complete idiots?

Tom Cruise. I will never ever ever be able to watch a movie with him again. All I keep thinking of is him and Katie Holmes and their poor unborn baby, and all those unneeded ultrasounds. Which any doctor will tell you that you shouldn’t get any more than neccesary. The whole movie I just kept thinking, this guy is such a (excuse the term) douche bag. He over acts, yet he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Please explain to me why oh why do creeps like Tom Cruise get acting jobs, when people like my husband’s cousin can only get commercials. Why is this?

Now for the thing that really gets my panties in a twist. These so called “alien automobiles” are deep in the earth, so deep that no scientist has ever seen one of these things. PUH-LEASE! Why can’t they just come from Mars, like any good alien is supposed to? I’d take the Mars Attacks aliens any day over this dumb thing.

Oh, well. I wasted an hour and a half or however long it was, and I won’t waste any more of my time by reviewing it.

I still have to bitch about Hot Topic, plus I promised WATAT readers that I would post my best shoe buy and pictures of my desk (which I did attempt to clean). I have not forgotten you! Oh, and I need to post another review! This one is Supersize Me, and should be subtitled, You will never eat at McDonald’s (or any other fastfood restaurant) ever again.

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