Hot Topic…a den of suckiness

December 13th, 2005 by cathy

Over the past couple of weeks I have been back and forth from Hot Topic trying to get earrings. The reason is lame. I have no excuse for myself. I wanted stainless steel earrings, because they are cleaner and don’t irritate my ears. Plus I wanted earrings that match because I might be interviewing for another librarian position and I wanted to look “professional” (BWAH HAH HAH). Jeff said that I was insane, and I know I am but that didn’t stop me from doing it.
The first time I went, I got these 16 gauge captive ball hoops. Plus I had to get some special pliers to release the balls. I think I spent about $50. The first time I got these, I had a piercer at the store do it. It took them five minutes tops, so I thought, Hey! I can do this! Nope. Six hours later Jeff and I are screaming at eachother, and I give up in frustration.
I had already opened one package, so I was out about $12. I think I got about $35 back. So then I tried again and bought two packages of these hoops and spent about $16. The ones in the link aren’t the exact kind I had. Mine were just colored plastic. Unfortunately, I was uninformed that I needed to be careful with the plastic balls, because they are fragile and crack really easily.
So I went back ONE last time. I bought these 14 gauge hoops and spent about $40. I tightened them as much as I could, but I’ve already lost three or four balls, and on one of the hoops, the balls were so tight that I couldn’t get them undone at all.
GAWD! So I was pissed for being an idiot and spending so much money and Jeff was pissed because I’m a silly girl. Plus I was pissed off because I had to go to all this work for some dumb earrings that Jeff thought were stupid anyway. Nevermind the fact that I feel like a nerdy children’s librarian going into this dark den of teenage sin. Even at 26, which isn’t really old at any stretch of the imagination (unless you’re 3 years old) I felt like an old lady. What a waste of time and money and embarrassment.

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