Christmas loot

December 26th, 2005 by cathy

For those of you who read (or ARE) WATAT, and you know who you are, this is the same thing as posted in WATAT, but I thought it was interesting enough to repeat. Plus I’m lazy and I didn’t want anyone who ocassionally reads this to think I’m dead.

Jeff (the hubby) got me Season One of the Muppet Show, Doris Day and Rock Hudson “the Romance Collection”, Sirius Satellite Radio (so I can listen to Howard Stern) and a palm pilot (the little mini z22 cause its so tiny and cute). Saying this out loud, I realize that I am a very weird woman… even weirder than Gonzo the Great. I wanted all of these things and I know that for each of these things certain people will laugh at me.
1) The Muppet Show – because adults probably shouldn’t enjoy “animated” objects this much.
2) The Doris Day/ Rock Hudson “romance collection” – because for one we all know that Rock Hudson was gay and that there was no way he and Doris were ever gonna schtup. Plus I’m 26 and I probably shouldn’t know who Doris Day or Rock Hudson were.
3) Sirius Satellite – because I’m a woman and I should think that Howard Stern is a pig.
4) Palm Pilot – because I already have one, because I have a paper calender and because I’m still utterly unorganized.

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