Kids these days. or What is this thing called Clue?

December 30th, 2005 by cathy

Am I depriving my child because I don’t want to give him toys with batteries?
For Christmas, I gave him:
– a big blanket for the floor
– a stuffed Eeyore from Disneyland
– a turtle puppet
– jammies
– blocks (not wooden, they’re plastic with little things in them)
– stained glass coloring book that we can color for him and stick in the windows
I didn’t want to go crazy, since he’s just an infink, but he does like opening presents, and I am his mother.
My mother-in-law is big into giving Jack toys that take batteries, but I’d just rather give him something simple: a doll with a rattle, a squeeky thing, a book. In fact, last night he got the biggest kick out of a styrofoam take out box.
My mother-in-law does give him books too, and most of the toys she gives him are “educational” so I guess its not that bad.
I also think that giving a child a book as a toy will give them a life long love of reading. And I’m all about the reading.
I found it really sad that today I told some teens that they could play Clue and they said… What’s Clue? Teens don’t play board games anymore do they? Everything has to be played on the computer. (Gawd I sound like an old woman!)
It really really scares me when we watch tv and Jack stares at it, fascinated. Entranced, like there’s nothing better in the world. Then it occurs to me that sometimes I’m like that too.

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