And another year begins…

December 31st, 2005 by cathy

This up coming year I resolve to:
1) communicate more with my husband
We actually talked about this, and he agreed that communication is really important. You may say, well DUH, but sometimes when you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t feel that obvious.
2) Dance Dance Revolution every other night (or more) so that I can have CALVES OF STEEL!
I want to get in shape, but I don’t want to spend the money for a club membership, I hate running and my arms are already getting buff from lifting a 24 pound 9 month old. Granted, even though it has dance in the title (twice, no less) you still won’t be able to dance at a club, its fun and you can use it as a party game.
3) spend more time with people I want to be better friends with and less time sleeping
I think I have mentioned this before, but I really don’t have a “best friend”. I don’t even really have people that I just hang out with. Therefore, I want to make a better effort to get closer to those people who are a more than casual acquaintances, but I still don’t spend a lot of time with.
4) keep my house tidy enough that if someone stops by I won’t have a heart attack
Every time Jeff says that someone’s going to stop over, I become a crazy lunatic. Something just comes over me and all I see is a dirty house (probably because most of the time IT IS dirty). I want my house to be tidy enough that people don’t rush out screaming.
5) keep my desk at work clean enough that it doesn’t look like a hurricane hit
At work, I have a desk and a book shelf for all the catalogs and other paraphernalia required for someone that works with kids and teens.
6) try and keep myself up to date with library programming
This past month I felt completely overwhelmed with programs and everything else. Programs and deadlines just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. While I have a tendency to be a little disorganized and sporatic, this seemed to be more than usual.
7) TRY to update my blogs more often
I really like having this little piece of me on the Internet, and I get really excited when I realize that people ACTUALLY read this! (be still my heart!) Unfortunately, between full time work, a baby and reading Adrienne’s and Patty’s blogs, I don’t get that much time to write in my own. I will really work on this, especially since I’d like to post more of my writing, and book reviews… especially after reading this. You will notice that according to RochWiki, my blog is about books. Really its about a kooky public librarian who loves books. For their sake, I will try and post more book reviews.
8) spend more time with (and talking to) my sisters
My sisters and I are close already, but they are my best friends (if you ignore what I wrote above) and they are crazy like me, so I think that I should really spend more time with them.
9) read more books to Jack
I keep getting depressed when I talk to the 12 and 13 year olds at the library and when they tell me that they’re bored and I say “well, why don’t you read a (gasp) book or magazine”, they will tell me that reading is boring. I’d like to wring they’re little… (bad Cathy, bad Cathy). I never want Jack to hate reading, so I am going to instill in him at an early age a respect and love for literature. Really its my duty as librarian and mommy. I love him too much not to MAKE him love reading.
10)get an espresso maker/steamer so that I can make my own fancy drinks and have even more caffeine in my body so that I can drive co-workers and family EVEN MORE crazy
Okay. I really don’t need this, but I keep buying (don’t read this Jeff) fancy coffees. Then I start thinking, wouldn’t it just be easier for me to do this on my own?

Wow. There’s about 3 minutes until the new year, and look what I’m doing. Writing in my blog, eating apple pie and drinking cherry pepsi and whiskey. (oh and listening to Jack scream because he just woke up. sigh. Mommy’s work is never done.)

Anyway. Because of the Rochester Wiki, I will try and add two more new years resolutions…
11) post more book reviews – they might be children’s books or young adult books, but the heading just said books, so phhhpt.
12) post more stuff of local interest. What that will be, I don’t know but there are interesting things happening in Rochester.

12 midnight! Happy New Year everyone!

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