My sister is a brainiac

February 17th, 2006 by cathy

So my mom calls me at work. My mom NEVER calls me… I think that my family gets an allergic reaction being close to a phone. I immediately think that Jack has fallen down a well or something… even though they live in the city, and like that would ever happen. My mom assures me that there is nothing wrong with Jack, he’s sleeping. Although then I get freaked out because Jack hardly ever takes a nap during the day anymore. Not fun. So anyway, she tell me that my youngest sister, Samantha, who has been freaking out (which really means that she’s been screaming and getting cranky and pissy, but I love her anyway) the past couple weeks because everyone else has been getting college acceptance letters and she hasn’t gotten a single one, gets an email from Chapel Hill in North Carolina. She’s gets accepted! But not only does she get accepted, she gets:
1) Full college tuition paid for
2) Full room and board paid for
3) $20,000 stipend
4) They are going to fly her in all expenses paid so that she can visit the school in March

So much for not getting accepted anywhere. Not only that, but she talked to one of her professors, and he said that the acceptance letters should start streaming in now.
I should make you aware of the fact that my sister is smart. She is finishing up her double bachelors in Mathematics and Physics at SUNY Geneseo (the Harvard of the SUNY system) and so where ever she goes next, she will be getting her Phd. Needless to say, I am jealous that she’s so smart and I feel stupid because I never understand what she’s saying anymore. A lot of times even her jokes go over my head. For example:
My joke: Where does a general put his armies?
In his sleevies!
Her joke:
Wanted poster in post office in physics land:


$10,000 reward.
Schroedinger’s Cat.

Dead or Alive

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